Women Wetsuit Amaze Shorty Crossback 1.5

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900 black

Amaze Shorty Crossback 1.5 - 900 black
Amaze Shorty Crossback 1.5 - 991 capsule-pink
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The Amaze Shorty Crossback 1.5 is the longer version of a swimsuit with more coverage for action-packed sessions. Longer legs and the crossed strap design make sure everything stays in place. On top you can enjoy basic protection against sun rays, wind-chill and abrasion from your equipment. Pairing it with our neo zip jacket scores extra style points!
22°C - 27°C 72°F - 81°F
80% Neopren 20% Nylon

Item-no. 48223-4553

Optimum Stretch
Optimum Stretch

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