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Shoe Rascal Select BOA

Footwear ITEM NO. 47210-4373
Shoes Rascal Select BOA Fit System unisex
ITEM NO. 47210-4373


Shoes Rascal Select BOA Fit System unisex 900 black
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BOA® Fit System L6

Fast, effortless and a precise fit – the BOA® Fit System L6 enables agility and speed through a seamless connection between equipment and body. Adjust your shoe perfectly, resulting in precise power transmission and less fatigue of your feet. BOA® is renowned for its high standards in quality in every environment thanks to durable materials and rigorous field testing.

Rubberized heel cap

External rubber heel cap for added protection.

SupTraction_Rubber Soul CL w/ reinforced shank

We rely on the design and rubber blend of the sole. But we felt that the stiffness can be amped. That's why we reinforced the shank inside the sole to get a plus in stiffness and make for a proper sole of a high-end trail oriented bike shoe.


Extra padding towards the cranks to protect the lower ankles.


Precise fit without slipping. While the inner lining feels velvety soft when you put your shoes on, it shows its rough side should your foot slip while riding. All this is possible thanks to the one-sided roughened structure of the material.

robust PU main fabric combined with breathable mesh in forefoot area

Compatible with all common MTB pedal systems

Compatible with all common MTB pedal systems


Reinforced toe cap to absorb and deviate the forces when hitting a rock or a root.